Supplements are good, but a balanced diet is better

This is basically the truest thing we will write on this blog. There is nothing better than a balanced diet. Supplements have their name for a reason. They are designed to supplement a great diet to go the extra distance. But the food is the absolute number one most important factor here. This sentiment was echoed at the Convention of the Philippine College of Physicians and is the inspiration for why I write this. Please do not try to get something in supplements that you are not already getting some of in your regular diet. It is just not what your body is supposed to have. Many of our favorite supplements from a macro and micronutrient standpoint have a ton of additives that should not totally comprise your diet.

Furthermore, the shake delivery system works sometimes, but you do not want too much of your diet flying down your throat. Glands in your mouth are actually responsible for a significant portion of nutrient absorbtion. Chewing food traditionally has a value therefor in and of itself. So take supplements. They are great, but please make sure you are eating right first. Nothing can supplement a poor diet.

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